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  1. Bug Off 15 mil
    Are you planning to go on a camping trip with your family? Would you like to find an effective insect repellant? Well, DocFlowers has the right solution for you! We are a reliable local company that provides herbal remedies and formulas which have been manufactured using a synergistic blend of essential oils and herbs. Our Bug Off insect repellant has received amazing reviews from campers and outdoor enthusiasts who always use our products when venturing in the great outdoors. Learn More
  2. SSR Oil (4oz)

    SSR Oil (4oz.)

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  3. SSR Oil (8 oz)

    helichrysum , cucumber seed, lavender , celery seed, coriander , neroli , tea tree, frankincense , geranium , ylang ylang ,

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  4. Superior Man Oil (4 oz)

    Herbal formula in extra virgin olive oil.

    Topical Learn More
  5. Slumber Essential Oil Blend 15ml

    Aids in natural healthy sleep patterns. A gentle way to get a wonderful night's sleep.

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  6. Slumber Essential Oil Blend Roll On 5 mil

    Gentle way of inducing a natural healthy sleep.

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  7. Stretch Mark and Scar Essential Oil 15ml
    Stretch Mark and Scar Essential Oil 15ml Learn More
  8. Stretch Mark and Scar roll on Oil 5ml

    Fabulous oil that aids in removing stretch marks and scars.

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  9. Spearmint Essential Oil

    Potent 100% essential oil .

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  10. Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Potent 100% essential oil infused with water based phytonutrients to create rapid absorption and optimum efficacy. It is known as an antiseptic, helps respiratory function, anti fungal, good for skin infections and is cleansing.

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