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  1. Colon Clean
    * Eat less More Energy * No More Pouch / Gut * Flatten Stomach * reduce risk of Cancer * Health Bowel Movements * Remove Old Fecal Matter * Kill Bacteria in Gut * Heal Gut * Non Addictive * All three Laxative Types in perfect Balance ( the only one in the world) With additives and preservatives in our food, pollution everywhere around us, and pesticides on our crops, we are definitely living in a toxic world. Most times, toxic buildup can take a toll on your colon and this can negatively affect your digestion and overall body health. Learn More
  2. Fat Loss Pack 2

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    Fat Loss Pack 2 2 Greens 2 Colon Clean 1 Fire 30 Caps Making sure that you eat a balanced diet and exercise to burn excess fat or maintain your ideal weight is never an easy task. Furthermore, it can become very frustrating when you do not get the results you were hoping for. If you are looking for natural products that will help you shed off the extra fat and help your body in breaking through the fat loss plateau, then our Fat loss Pack is perfect for you. Learn More
  3. Formula V The Solution

    Protect and Defend Your Body with Formula V the Solution If you are looking for a herbal supplement that can help manage or kill viruses, treat flu, colds, sickness, or bugs, then Formula V The Solution is the perfect remedy. Our Formula V The Solution is a powerful and potent 100% essential oil that is infused with water-based phytonutrients for optimal efficiency and rapid absorption. Our natural formulations have been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to protect and defend the body against disease-causing pathogens.

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  4. Foundation Pack

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    1 The One Greens

    1 Colon Clean

    1 The Solution

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  5. The One Green
    * Increase PH * 1st time in your life You will have every nutrient Your body needs * Loose Fat * Feel Happier * More Energy * Most Complete Supplement ever made * Created to have every Mineral the body needs1!06 * Created to have every vitamin 54 , including all 9 vitamin E s all 6 vitamin B 6 s * Omega 3,6,9 in perfect balance * Enzymes to aid in Digestion * Probiotics to Have proper Flora balance * Raw * No extracts * 100% whole food * Amino acids * no fillers ( industry standard 20-50%) * no flow agents ( industry standard 20%)

    The One Green: Provides You with the Recommended Daily Servings of Greens For many people, greens are not their favorite food. However, they are crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the hectic life we have today, it is important that your diet has adequate portions of greens. The One Green from DocFlowers is made to help you fulfill your recommended daily dose of veggies. It contains a blend of ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients that offer immune support, high stamina levels, and optimized health.

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