Hair (Capsules)

Hair (Capsules)

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Hair Capsules. This synergistic blend of herbs may assist in hair regrowth and to help bring back the natural colour of your hair.



Have you been experiencing hair loss? Would you like to find a natural supplement that will help you to attain your goal of having long and healthy hair? Well, if your answer is a resounding ‘yes' then this is certainly the right place for you! DocFlowers is an organic company that provides natural solutions to common problems such as hair loss and shedding. Hair usually goes through 3 main stages namely: growth, dormancy and fallout. There are approximately 100,000 hair strands on a normal scalp however you should note that not all these strands go through the same phase at the same time. In fact, at any given point, approximately 80-90% of your hair strands are in the growth phase which lasts for several years. The fallout phase is responsible for hair shedding which occurs at the rate of about 50-100 strands per day. This is usually the hair that you leave on your comb as you brush your hair each morning.

Hair loss is a common problem that many individuals experience. It can manifest itself in different forms. Some women experience post-partum shedding after giving birth while some men experience baldness when they attain a certain age. There are many factors that can lead to hair loss in both men and women. The problem is so rampant that some people even seek to have hair restoration procedures which can be quite expensive.

Luckily, you don’t have to endure hair loss anymore because DocFlowers is here to assist. We have amazing hair capsules that act as the perfect supplement for those looking to boost the length, volume and thickness of their hair. This all-in-one solution provides massive benefits for both men and women who would like to promote regrowth of hair and restore the color of their hair.

Our world-famous hair capsules work by doubling the growth phase of hair, regarding the dormancy phase and also retarding the fallout phase. This results in longer, healthier hair that is resistant to breakage. If you would like a topical application, our special formula is also available in form of a hair oil which you can apply to your scalp on a regular basis. By using both the hair oil and capsules, you will begin to see a significant change in your hair within a short amount of time. It is finally time for you to grow your hair back and regain your self-esteem! Get in touch with us today for these amazing products!


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