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  1. Allergy  Blessed Relief
    * Allergy Relief * Non -Drowsy * Rapid Relief * Long Acting * INDOOR / OUTDOOR relief of: * Nasal and Sinus Congestion * due to colds or allergies * Sneezing, Runny Nose; Itchy, Watery Eyes * and Itchy Nose or Throat Due to Allergies

    Counteract Your Allergy Symptoms and Breathe Easier with Blessed Relief DocFlowers’ Blessed Relief contains a blend of natural herbs that help eliminate the overall discomfort associated with allergies or hay fever. In addition, it helps to support the body’s immune system and naturally controls excess production of mucus in the body. Blessed Relief is rich in antioxidants and contains natural antihistamines. Our all-natural formulation helps relieve allergy symptoms such as watery itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, excess mucous, congestion, hay fever, and even pet allergies.

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  2. B-C ( Blood Cleanser ) Powder
    * May Clean Blood *May Clear toxins from tissues * May Remove Heavy Metal *May Remove Chemicals Take Colon Clean When taking B-C Powder Learn More
  3. Blessed Solution KIt.
    This Kit Contains one bottle of solution with one bottle of the allergy blessed relief formula. Blessed Relief formula May have the ability to thin mucus as well as dry it up. That seems to work very well with the solution and its abilities. We Believe this is a good time to have this kit out in the world to help people in these times of need. We are discounting this kit's Price. We hope this helps you and your family. Learn More
  4. Blossom Breast Support
    Blossom Breast Support * Increase Breast Size * Firmer Breast * reduce risk of Cancer * lower cyst development * Balance Hormones * Look Better * Feel More feminine Topical Liquid 8 oz Bottle Learn More
  5. Clarity
    * Heal Brain * Increase Memory * Read Faster * Think Clearly * ADHD * Dyslexia * Autism * Alzheimers * Stroke * Brain Damage Recommended Dose : 6-18 capsules On a empty stomach one hour away from all food and supplements

    Boost Brain Function and Concentration with Clarity from DocFlowers For you to achieve success, your mind must be sharp and clear. It is vital for your mind to concentrate, focus, and grasp information quickly. However, all these brain functions tend to wade over time. The herbal extracts in Clarity from DocFlowers helps to support brain function and boost circulation to your brain which enhances concentration and focus. You will enjoy the multiple benefits of different brain supplements in one pill.

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  6. Colon Clean Powder

    * Eat less More Energy * No More Pouch / Gut * Flatten Stomach * Reduce Risk of Cancer * Health Bowel Movements * Remove Old Fecal Matter * Kill Bacteria in Gut * Heal Gut * Non-Addictive * All three Laxative Types in perfect Balance ( the only one in the world) With additives and preservatives in our food, pollution everywhere around us, and pesticides on our crops, we are definitely living in a toxic world. Most times, toxic buildup can take a toll on your colon and this can negatively affect your digestion and overall body health.

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  7. Eye Bright Formula (Liquid) 15 mil

    A synergistic blend of whole food herbs for the eyes.

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  8. Eyebright Formula (Powder)

    Have you been struggling with your eyesight? Do you need to hold the newspaper closer to your face so that you can read the small print? Blurry vision or nearsightedness is a huge problem that millions of people experience. Vision is one of the most important senses as it allows us to perform our tasks with efficiency and enjoy the world around us. In fact, for some occupations, you will not be hired until you have undergone a mandatory vision test to ensure that your eyesight is up to par.

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  9. Fire Fat Inthinerator
    Fire 30 capsules * Burn Fat up to 1 lb a day * 12-14 hrs Energy a day burning your Fat as energy * Loose Weight Forever * Removes Toxins for good * Be Healthy * Only 1 pill a day Recommended: To use The One Greens, And Colon Clean Formulas. Save significant Money By Purchasing this Product in Fat loss Pack 1, or 2 Please Watch the Fat loss Video ( link Below ) Please Watch Colon Clean Video Learn More
  10. Fire InTHINerator - Fat Loss Pack 1
    Fat Loss Pack 1: 1 Greens (powder) 2 Colon Clean POWDER (45 gm powder each )(45 gm =90 Cap of herb powder 1 Fire InTHINerator (30 Caps) Would you like to: End your food cravings once and for all? Activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat? Create effortless appetite control? Improve your digestive system? Flatten your stomach? Balance your insulin and sugar levels? Burn more calories – even while you sleep? Reset your metabolism for life? Have energy ALL day? (12-14 hrs) Weight Management Support Maximum Energy, 12-14 hrs Detox Full Nutrition Support Immune System Support Anti-Aging Support Cellular Health Sounder Sleep Muscle & Joint Support Making sure that you eat a balanced diet and exercise to burn excess fat or maintain your ideal weight is never an easy task. Furthermore, it can become very frustrating when you do not get the results you were hoping for. If you are looking for natural products that will help you shed off the extra fat and help your body in breaking through the fat loss plateau, then our Fat Loss Pack is perfect for you! Learn More